Consent for Processing Personal Data LIFMAT

By registering in the "LIFMAT App" application running on the PROFI-LOG Health History platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Application"), I expressly consent to Magicware, s.r.o., ID number 62576836, with its registered office in Prague 6, Krohova 2212, postal code 16000 (hereinafter referred to as "Magicware"), which operates the Application and is therefore the data controller, processing my personal data including name, surname, email, phone number (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data"), and any other health data that I enter into the system or allow third parties to enter.

The purpose of processing Personal Data is to demonstrate health telemetry and telemedicine principles to participants of LIFMAT events or sympathizers with the event's content. The data is used to demonstrate technologies and is not intended for any binding medical processing such as diagnosis or data interpretation. We are prepared to share the data received with other projects (third parties) ONLY based on the user's consent and expression of will (active linking provided by the user).

I acknowledge that Personal Data will be processed by MagicWare s.r.o., ID number 62576836, and will not be made available to third parties, except for entities that ensure the management and maintenance of the Application on behalf of Magicware with respect to the purpose of their collection and management. Personal Data will be used to create a profile and provide access to the application and will be displayed at the LIFMAT exhibition stands (where the PROFI-LOG/LIFMAT POINT application is used for data entry and reading), primarily for user identification.

If the user does not wish to display personal data but wants to try the principles demonstrated by the application, the account can be operated anonymously under a nickname. Providing a name and surname or entering an email is not required.

The entered personal data will be processed for the duration of my registration in the Application (i.e., for the duration of my profile's existence in the Application). The entered data is not verified, and therefore, other participants in the process may have access to it.

I have the right to revoke my consent at any time by deleting my profile in the Application directly in its settings. The revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing Personal Data based on this consent prior to its revocation.

I understand that I can request information from Magicware regarding Personal Data, their scope, processing methods, and archiving, and request access to them. I am also entitled to request the correction and/or supplementation of Personal Data, their transfer, erasure, and/or restriction of processing. If I have any doubts about the compliance of Personal Data processing with legal regulations, I am entitled to contact Magicware and request an explanation and remedy. I can exercise all my rights by emailing and/or in person or in writing at the address of Magicware's premises, Jankovcova 2.

I grant this consent freely and voluntarily. I am aware that providing consent is necessary for registration in the Application and its use, and without providing consent, registration cannot be completed, and the Application cannot be used.

Consent to acquisition of audiovisual material
I agree to the use of photographs and video recordings taken, whether in material or digitized (non-material) form, for all promotional materials of the Organizer, both in printed and electronic form (e.g., website, Facebook, printed materials). I also agree that the Organizer may grant a license to use the photographs and video recordings to any third parties, particularly for the purpose of creating advertising and marketing materials for the Organizer. I agree that the photographs and video recordings may be altered, used as part of a collective work, or used only in part. Simultaneously, I provide my personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") for the above-mentioned purposes, and I expressly consent to the Organizer and, where applicable, third parties to whom the Organizer grants a license to use the photographs and video recordings, to collect, process, and store this data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended.


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